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An innovative programme that practices hands-on interactive learning. Children will be exposed to General Knowledge & Earth Sciences. The essence and wonders of the world is captured in this programme and interestingly delivered to the children to acquire and broaden one’s horizon. IQ of the child will be stimulated by acquiring interesting facts of the world, creativity will be horned through crafts making, mathematical and problem solving skills will be enhanced through exciting projects and confidence will be boosted through presentations and role playing. IQ World enables children to acquire knowledge beyond limitations.


Aspire to Inspire the Mission

Programme Outline

  • Two years programme for 3 – 6 years old (Topic based thus children may join in at any point to enjoy the programme) 
  • School holiday camps

Topic based

NO. TOPIC Duration 
1 Astronomy Solar System 12 weeks
2 Geography Land & Water Forms 12 weeks
3 Our World 7 Continents & 5 Oceans 12 weeks
4 GeoCultural Culture of the World 12 weeks
5 Botany Parts of Plants & Life Cycle 12 weeks
6 Zoology Animal Kingdom & Life Cycle 12 weeks
7 My History Human Life Cycle 12 weeks
8 My Body Human Anotomy 12 weeks

Iq World Gallery

Engaging, hands-on, FUN & thought provoking. Complex concept to digestible bits for preschoolers. Interesting activities & materials.