Unique Tuition Centre was founded by Mr. Lee Eng Wah and his team in 2005 with headquarter based in Macallum, Penang. Ever since its inception, Unique Tuition Centre has been providing prominent professional and high-quality tutoring service for all the students, motivate them to excel and strive for the best. Unique Tuition Centre is officially restructured and rebranding to New Concept Classroom in October, 2018. New Concept Classroom aims to provide the most advanced educational programmes in the 21st century.

D’Kingdom Kinderland was established in 2012 with headquarter based in Macallum, Penang. D’Kingdom Kinderland is now considerably reputable given and acknowledged by our proven results and outcomes as well as the feedbacks from our students’ parents. More and more D’Kingdom Kinderland outlets are formed to strive our mission, which is to provide quality yet affordable early childhood education services for the mass market.

In year 2017, The Learning House Preschool was founded in order to provide an environment that nurtures and develops children to their fullest potential in term of Social skills, Academic excellence and Mental development ( SAM ). The Learning House Preschool aims to be The HOUSE of Growing Champions. The Learning House Preschool successfully established with its Unique Curriculum and SMS teaching method. Our first flagship outlet, Plato Preschool was formed in 2019 with the mission to provide quality and premier educational services.

Both The Learning House Preschool and Plato Preschool were consolidated and rebranded as Plato Learning House in year 2020.

In order to improve research and development in curriculum, management and operation, The Learning Kingdom Education was formed in year 2018. The Learning Kingdom Education plays the role as the Headquarters of New Concept Classroom, D’Kingdom Kinderland and Plato Learning House.

Kingston Professional Academy was formed in year 2020. It provides professional and comprehensive range of training programmes to adults and children for personal enhancement and career development. Kingston Professional Academy is authorised to offer the programmes leading to the professional certification award by Lincoln University College, Warnborough College, Australian Institute of Workplace Training, Geomatika University College and Genovasi University College.

In year 2021, The Learning Kingdom Education reached the next milestone in success. PenGenius Creativity Development and Learning Hub joined us onboard. PenGenius Creativity Development and Learning Hub aims to offer one stop enrichment programmes for children aged 3-12 years old. Our team always designs and bring in quality education programmes which align with 21st Century Education and Learning. Unique Art and Craft, English Master, WiSE Math, Best Science, DeBrain, Artist Studio, KiddyTronics, IQ World , Super I Kids Sensory Integration and Neuro Classroom are offeredto enhance the children’s fullest potential.

Monarch Management Consultancy officially formed in year 2021 and aims to offer one stop education solutions, e.g. professional consultancy for educational cooperation and licence application, educational trips and cultural visits, educational events planner, training workshop, etc.

Now, The Learning Kingdom Education is offering passionate candidates to join us onboard and grow together in education field.

Our Milestone



Unique Tuition Centre Macallum


D’Kingdom Kinderland Macallum


1. Unique Tuition Centre Relau

2. Unique Tuition Centre Tanjung Tokong

3. D’Kingdom Kinderland Relau 1


Unique Art and Craft launched


1. D’Kingdom Kinderland Farlim

2. D’Kingdom Kinderland Pantai Jerjak

3. D’Kingdom Relau 2

4. The Learning House Preschool Sungai Ara


1. The Learning House Preschool Tanjung Tokong

2. IQ World launched

3. 1st October 2018 – The Learning Kingdom Education formed

4. 1st October 2018 – Unique Tuition Centre restructured and rebranded as New Concept Classroom

5. Neuroclassroom lauched

6. 24th December 2018 – Signing MOU to collaborate with ChaoYang University of Technology, Taiwan

7. Super I Kids Sensory Integration


1. 28th April 2019 – Plato Preschool premier outlet opening ceremony

2. 227th May 2019 – Signing MOU with GPEX Malaysia. Becomes recognized partner of Mikids Kindergarten Project initiated by GPEX and supported by Cambridge Assessment English

3. 8th June 2019 – Signing MOU with Best Science, Taiwan. Becomes recognized strategic partner of Best Science in Malaysia

4. 13th October 2019 – D’Kingdom Kinderland Heritage flagship outlet opening ceremony

5. 17th November 2019 – D’Kingdom Kinderland Farlim flagship outlet opening ceremony

6. 19th November 2019 – Signing MOU with WiSE Math, Taiwan. Becomes recognized strategic partner of WiSE Math in Malaysia


1. 23rd August 2020 – Signing collaboration MOU with PenGenius Creativity and Learning Hub

2. ingston Professional Academy formed

3. 30th September 2020 – Signing collaboration MOU with Malaysia Professional Skill Development Education Association (MASDEA)

4. 9th October 2020 – Signing MOU with Lincoln University College as the authorized learning academy

5. Super I Kids Sensory Integration launched


1. 1st January 2021 – The Learning House Preschool and Plato Preschool consolidated and rebranded as Plato Learning House

2. 2nd March 2021 – Appointed as authorized learning centre by Australian Institute of Workplace Traning (AIWT)

3. English Master launched. Authorised by Warnborough Collge UK as the affiliate learning centre.  

4. Monarch Management and Consultancy formed