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In the coming 20 years, the demand for programmers will continue to rise. Learning coding at early age can get them prepared for the future.

In Europe, 16 countries have already listed coding as a compulsory subject.

Coding is a language used to communicate with machines. The earlier the kids learn coding, the better it is for them to master it.

The Benefits

Finally, instead of being a user in the future, your child will be an innovator of the future.

Logical thinking

Before a block of code can be written, programmers take time to carefully plan ahead. Coding demands an extensive amount of focus, effort, and logic.

Design thinking

Robotic coding and design thinking go hand in hand; both software and hardware follow specific structural rules.
The hardware part: how many wheels do I need in the vehicle that I designed? Why? Stability? Convenience? Outlook? Or other reasons?
The software part: what is the purpose of the robot that I designed? What would I want from the app? A data record and to generate report.

Problem solving

Problem solving skill enhancement as questions such as ‘How can I have my robot or my app accomplish certain task?’ Or ‘How am I going to make it work?’ will surely arise which then requires solution.

Team work

Team work is always cultivated for critical and complicated project.

Continuous learning

For improvement of current robot or apps.

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